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game room score tracker

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the ideal setup for iScored?

There are a variety of great ways to set it up.   For a long time, for score entry in my basement arcade, I used a 24" touchscreen powered by a Raspberry Pi (a tiny $50 computer the size of a deck of cards), but I now have QR codes attached to each machine so that people can enter their scores directly from their phones.   I use my 64" TV to display the scores.     Most smart TVs being sold today come with a built-in web browser, but if yours doesn't have one, you can use an Amazon FireTV Stick (about $30) or something similar.   Some people have mounted an old tablet on the wall, or just use an old laptop.   It's really up to you.   The scores on any screen will automatically update when a player enters a new score on any other device.

Will iScored work with my device?

Probably!   It works on Mac, PC, Linux, phones, most smart TVs, and various tablets and mobile devices.   Touchscreen is supported but by no means required.   The main factor is whether the device has a modern web browser.   Here's a list of devices and browsers confirmed to work with iScored:

Supported Operating Systems include current versions of the following:

Any laptop or Desktop computer
Android phones
Amazon Fire TV Stick
iPad 2 and up (first-gen iPads won't work -- Apple stopped updating them long ago; the browser is just too old)
Raspberry Pi (RPi 3 or newer is recommended for smoothest scrolling)
Amazon Fire 7 (tablet)
Android-based smart TVs
Stick PCs (although they must have a USB port if you want to use a touchscreen)

Supported Browsers (current versions):
Safari (Desktop and Mobile)
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+

If you have a device or OS or browser that's not listed here that you can confirm works, let me know at pezpunk@iScored.info and I'll add it to the list!

Are all those game images in the screenshots included?

They're all available through the Community page within the iScored app!   iScored has a number of built-in styles, and gives you a plethora of customization options.   You can then share your work with the community, and/or use other people's designs.

How much does iScored cost? Is there a monthly fee? Are there different price tiers?

Unlimited lifetime access to iScored currently costs $19.95.   No monthly fees, no tiers of service.   Load it up with as many games as you want.   It's yours forever.

Are you going to continue to improve and add features to iScored?

Yes!   Development is ongoing!   I have a list as long as my arm of features I want to implement. In fact, here's a list of just some of the more important new features I've added since launching iScored back in September of 2017:

... and there's much more to come!

What if I encounter a bug?

You should probably leave it alone.   Although depending on the the type of bug, it may indicate an infestation, and you may want to contact a professional.   One exception is the House Centipede - they're generally harmless, and even considered good luck in some countries.

No, I mean what if I encounter a bug in iScored?

OHHHHH.   In that case, contact me at pezpunk@iscored.info.   The more details the better.   A screenshot wouldn't hurt, either.

How can I delete a score?

While logged in, click on that score, and a red "delete" button should appear at the bottom of the screen. (scores used to be deleted by entering a zero, but it doesn't work that way anymore, since zero could be a valid score, depending on the game).

How many games can I have in my gameroom?

I don't know of any upper limit.   If you find it, let me know!

How many scores can I save per game?

I have no idea.   Hundreds? Maybe thousands?

dot INFO? Really?

Dude you have no idea how hard it is to find a decent domain name on a respectable top-level domain!   Fun fact: there is actually ".pin" top level domain -- how cool would that have been to have?   Unfortunately, Amazon owns it and they are currently hoarding it and not using it for anything as far as I can tell.

Are you just padding the FAQ with bogus questions until you can think of more?


How do I sign up?

Click here!

What if I have a question that's not answered here?

Then feel free to contact me at pezpunk@iscored.info.